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Module for statistical data processing

This module processes statistical data in different ways – by test, ordering entity (department, doctor, location), type of patient, analyser, on-call shift and according to the daily, monthly and annual statistics. Within the selected statistics, it creates a wide range of tabular and graphic displays, and exports data in standard formats such as Word, Excel, HTML, CSV, etc.

Data in the Stat module can be processed in several ways, depending on the time interval selected.

The program is designed based on the following two statistical data processing methods (in the program, this is referred to as ‘statistics type’): daily statistics and statistics by patient type. These statistics are further divided by:

  • test

  • department

  • department group

  • doctor

  • department/doctor

  • analyser

  • patient (results)

  • average processing time

  • number of orders per hour, etc.

Depending on the choice above, it is also possible to select subfeatures, such as classification by number of orders, number of samples, etc.

In addition to basic statistics, the module also allows you to set the statistics according to user preferences. The same applies to raw data export directly from the database.

The Stat module also enables a wide variety of graphic data displays, sending data via e-mail and exporting data to Word, Excel or HTML.

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