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Module for quality assurance

It allows recording and verification of the control samples from all laboratory analysers in one place. It indicates deviations of control samples from entered or calculated mean values based on Westgard rules and other standard statistical tools such as the Levey–Jennings chart, repeated measures design and frequency distribution graph. The quality assurance module also enables integration with the module for the record-keeping of reagents, so that data on reagents are transferred from the warehouse directly to quality verification data.

Main characteristics
  • All control results are stored and always available.

  • It is possible to enter results manually.

  • You can set/edit the code register of control types, reagents, control materials as well as target values – both in percentage and percent deviation.

  • It is possible to manage controls for analysers not connected to L@B-IS.

  • All controll results from different analysers are presented in the same way.

  • It is possible to view the charts in several ways: normalised values (deviation) of results, graphs according to target value (target mean) and/or calculated average value, etc.

  • Different graphs.

  • It is possible to remove invalid controls from a graph and from the calculations.

  • You receive notifications of Westgard rules not being followed.

  • The system is open and evolving.

  • It is possible to access controls, even if they are not connected to the controls and data (you can create a graph showing only the calculated values and values from the analyser).

  • It is possible to view all controls in the same graph showing only standard deviations and normalised values (mean, deviation).

  • It is possible run controls on a today-today and yesterday-today basis.

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