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L@B-IS® Ana supports one-way and two-way communication, allows automatic exchange of orders from the laboratory information system, and receipt of results from the analyser using barcodes. Apart from the Lab module, Ana is the most vital part of the system, which, however remains unseen by the user.

It allows sending results/orders/samples from the analysers to L@B-IS® Lab as well as sending orders/samples/tests to the analyser whenever possible / if applicable.

It also allows you to work with barcodes and store the results for the L@B-IS® Kon control module.

The module supports various modes of communication with analysers, such as uni- and bidirectional connection, different connectors, protocols, etc.

L@B-IS® Ana supports all analysers, from the most advanced to older ones, which use non- standardised versions of transmission protocols.

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