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Module for keeping records of reagents and consumable materials

The module allows monitoring of the supply and consumption of materials in the laboratory, printing of purchase orders, receiving and dispensing of reagents and material, inventory bookkeeping, preparation of calls for tender, assembly of various views/prints, which the user can modify/design according to their wishes, a connection to the central warehouse, and e-mail communication with suppliers.

  • It is possible to use e-purchase orders and e-delivery notes to order and receive materials.

  • A portable handheld terminal allows fast and accurate recording of issues with bar codes that are printed upon receipt.

  • You can create prints and views, save them and use them again at any time.

  • All data can be exported to Excel or Word or sent by e-mail.

  • An inventory count can be performed with the handheld terminal.

  • Stock can be taken by lots and lot expiry date.

  • You are automatically notified of material needed in accordance with the stock parameters entered (stock action value, optimal stock).

Advantages for the user
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